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Can Burning Incense Sticks Keep Omicron Virus at Bay?


The pleasant aroma of incense sticks or agarbattis can instantly bring about a serene feeling. Burning incense has been a common practice in every Indian household for centuries. While the reasons mostly attribute to spirituality, incense sticks do more than that. Multiple studies have shown that the herbs and essential oils in agarbattis carry many health and therapeutical benefits. Read on to know more about how beneficial incense can be, especially during a pandemic;

Unwind after a hectic day:

Whether you want to curl up on the sofa with your favorite book and coffee or draw a relaxing bath, incense sticks can be just perfect for the ambiance. Go for a jasmine agarbatti or a rose agarbatti to uplift your senses and slip into a state of pure bliss after a tiring day.

For Meditation


The divine aroma of incense sticks is said to heighten one’s senses, improve focus and bring about a sense of tranquillity while meditating. A Chandan incense stick may elevate your meditation session to a whole new level.

Provides relief from migraines and headaches


That throbbing migraine not leaving you alone?

Light an incense stick. The calming aroma from the essential oils will work wonders for your headache. A soothing lavender agarbatti is known to be therapeutic for migraines.


Reduces stress and anxiety


Incense sticks have the power to alleviate mood swings and calm down your senses, thereby relieving you from the symptoms of stress and anxiety. Apart from traditional fragrances such as frankincense, try interesting fragrances like a coffee incense stick or a strawberry agarbatti. It may help reinvigorate and divert your mind from racing thoughts.

Helps you sleep better


With a sedentary lifestyle comes the uninvited guest that is insomnia. Many people have trouble falling asleep even after a hectic day resulting in fatigue and an irritable mood in the morning. If you have trouble falling asleep, light your favourite agarbatti and retire for the day. The pleasant aroma will act as a natural sedative to help you sleep better.

Acts as a Natural Air Freshener or Purifier


Tropical Lemon Grass incense is said to have anti-bacterial properties that can naturally purify the air in your living room. They are also a great way to eliminate unpleasant odours such as damp clothes, cooking items, and so on. While market air fresheners may contain harmful chemicals and fragrances that can irritate eyes and nostrils, incense sticks are a much safer way of keeping foul odours away.

Can boost the healing process


Research has found that incense sticks are one of the best aromatherapy tools that can activate various receptors in the body to accelerate the healing processes. Products such as pure sandalwood incense sticks are known to have healing properties.

Medicinal Properties


Inhaling natural incense aroma is also believed to increase the production of serotonin in the brain that is a natural mood enhancer. Good serotonin levels can help you eat, sleep and function better. It can also help in alleviating anxiety and depression.

Stimulate sexual desire


Burning incense sticks can act as a natural aphrodisiac that can boost romance and confidence among partners. Fragrances such as jasmine and rose can increase passion and fuel sexual desire.

Covid-19 and its many variants, including omicron, have caused a state of constant physical and mental health concerns and uncertain times like never before. Apart from getting vaccinated and masking up properly, one should also maintain hygiene and protect their living environments in every way possible. Lighting incense sticks and indulging in aromatherapy can cleanse the environment of undesirable elements, boost your immunity and help you stay fit both mentally and physically.

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