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Four Steps to Highlight Your Pooja Room


Pooja is essentially a devotion ritual for the creator. It includes varied rituals, offerings, and other necessities. One prominent part of all these essentials is incense products. It is said greeting God encompasses incense sticks, oil lanterns, sacred food offerings, and dhoop cones.

Likewise, a pooja room is the center of spirituality in every house. It is the location where you feel most at peace and filled with positivity. The energy radiating from your pooja rooms boosts concentration and enhances the body and soul. In addition, the pooja room hosts your deity idols, spiritual books, and other religious things you use to worship and connect with the Almighty God.

It may not be possible every time that you can donate a whole room for worshipping and meditating. You can also use a single corner as your pooja room, where you can pray and meditate by lighting up some fragrant incense sticks or dhoop cones. Irrespective of the size, it is essential to highlight the pooja room just like other spaces in your home.

Four easy ways with no effort to highlight your Pooja Room

While you may be wondering about additional expenses and time to highlight your spiritual corners, experts at Satya Incense went ahead and sorted some top DIY ways to highlight your pooja room.

1. Location of the pooja room

When it comes to deciding the location of the Pooja room (the direction), one can refer to basic Vastu Shastra suggestions. The sunlight comes from the North-East orientation of the building in the morning, making this time standard for praying and introspection. If someone’s home lacks a dedicated room specifically for the pooja, they can perpetually set up a mandap.

If you intend to dedicate a space to your pooja room, ensure it is in the center of the building, seen from each location. Avoid putting this room close to bathrooms or other damp corners.

2. Colour scheme of your pooja room

The colors you select for the dedicated room for praying to the almighty and meditating must be understated. You can opt for light colors as they assist in displaying a relaxed atmosphere, appropriate for everyday meditation. Colors commonly utilized for praying rooms can involve shades close to

  • White
  • Cream
  • Blue

People can try using ethnic or printed wallpaper to enhance the elegance of the praying area.

3. Make your pooja room more noticeable

Place oil lanterns in your praying space to brighten it up. One can opt for ornamental lamps you could turn on when executing the sunset ceremonies. It will help you to lend the room a fascinating glimpse. In addition to the hanging lanterns, try different stuff like reclining or ornamental praying bells. Moreover, you can also place wax candles in place of lanterns.

4. Fragrance

Although many people think it is a standard part of the pooja ritual and does not require any thought, they are wrong!! Similar to other spaces, pooja room fragrance will highly influence the entire feel of the place.

Using incense to establish the spiritual aura is essential. You can accomplish this by lighting the fragrant incense sticks. They enable you to develop the perfect ambiance but encourage you to relieve tension and improve focus.

Different Incense products to highlight your Pooja Room

There are numerous incense products present in the market to select . Agarbattis or incense sticks are available in different scents such as Chandan (Sandalwood), floral fragrances (Rose, Champa, and Jasmine), herbal fragrances like guggul, or sambrani.

Fragrance plays a vital role in praying to the Almighty God, meditation, and introspection. In addition, the aroma helps people connect to God by creating an ambiance of peace and beauty.

Final thoughts!

These tips will surely help you showcase your pooja room in your home. While most things do not require extensive research, selecting the right incense product for your home is crucial and requires some thought.

If you do not want to perform extensive research to get high-quality incense, always opt for reputed manufacturers like Satya Incense. Their products utilize organic elements and employ a handmaking process. Explore their extensive product range and elevate your pooja room ambiance today!

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