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Know the Meaning Behind Each Incense Fragrance from Satya Incense Experts


You may be looking to buy incense sticks for the first time, or you may be in the habit of lighting incense sticks. If it is the former, you will be amazed at the variety of fragrances you come across when you buy incense sticks. If it is the latter, check if you know this.

While most of us know that incense products like dhoop sticks and agarbattis have multiple benefits, did you know each incense holds a different meaning?

Experts at Satya Incense explain how different incense have distinct scents and benefits.

Incense fragrances and benefits

  1. Rosemary

Rosemary is a herb rich in medicinal properties and thus often used in incense sticks.

Benefits of rosemary incense

  • Rosemary is one of the best options if your surrounding has an unwanted or foul odor and to get rid of it.
  • Rosemary produces a sweet smell that relaxes and helps concentrate on whatever you have at hand throughout the day.
  • It repels bugs or insects.
  1. Rose

It is a popular fragrance among all with a romantic and soothing scent. Roses are not just beautiful in the vase but provide refreshing incense, making it very popular among agarbatti fragrances.

Benefits of rose incense sticks

  • The fragrance of rose agarbatti has positive effects on health, like reducing heart rate and blood pressure.
  • The scent of rose is known to ease a woman’s menstrual cramps, so if this is something that you suffer from, ensure that you have some rose incense sticks at home.
  • Rose incense sticks are known to enhance immunity and reduce anxiety and stress.
  • The soothing rose fragrance makes it popular in aromatherapy.
  1. Lavender

If floral incense is what you love, try lavender. These light purple Mediterranean flowers are not just beautiful but give out a fragrance that makes them very popular in perfumes, room fresheners, and incense sticks. The medicinal properties of lavender make it popular in skin care products as well.

Benefits of lavender incense

  • Lavender is a good option for those suffering from regular migraines and offers quick relief.
  • It is also said to have a calming effect on those suffering from anxiety, stress, and depression, making it a popular choice in aromatherapy.
  • Burning lavender incense sticks helps a person to get a sound sleep.
  1. Cinnamon

That sweet and spicy woody fragrance is a favorite of some, and if you are one of them, try cinnamon. Have the monsoon stains sent you down with a cold? Burn a few cinnamon sticks before you tuck yourself in bed and see how you recover within a day.

Benefits of cinnamon

  • One of the best options in winter, cinnamon incense sticks can help you stay warm.
  • It also ensures that you enjoy a relaxing and peaceful sleep at night.
  • It is effective in treating chest colds, making it perfect for aromatherapy.
  1. Sandalwood

The sandal is evergreen and valuable tree found in India due to its medicinal benefits. The woody and warm scent of pure sandalwood incense sticks from Satya Incense is refreshing and comforting. Due to its scent, sandalwood finds application in essential oils, perfumes, and soaps.

Benefits of sandalwood agarbatti

  • It reduces stress and anxiety and contributes to a general feeling of happiness, making it a perfect choice for meditation centers.
  • Sandal agarbatti helps in controlling blood pressure and improves memory.

Find your favorite incense fragrance at Satya Incense!

There are a plethora of incense fragrances, and only a few are listed above. Satya Nag Champa incense sticks consist of high-quality natural ingredients. These hand-rolled incense sticks are among the top incense brands globally. The company also features other incense products like dhoop sticks, dhoop powder, wax candles, soaps and oils, and more.

Explore their extensive offerings and buy Satya Incense online today.

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