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Relieve Your Everyday Stress with Satya Incense


Coming back home from a hot and humid atmosphere is something everyone dreads. At such times everyone longs for a bath and a drink and sits under the cool AC. We are too tired to do anything but flop down on the couch. However, despite all the rest, you still feel tired.

Wondering what might be the reason? With the constant heat and the sun playing hide n seek daily in this season, you need additional help. Incense is a great way to feel pleasant and get rid of excess stress. Don’t believe it? Here’s how incense sticks and their pleasant aroma help you relax.

Still not convinced? Why incense? 

While we give a lot of importance to how things look around us, play the kind of music that we enjoy, a warm bath, and eat sumptuously, many of us neglect the senses we receive from the olfactory.

If only you know what fragrance can do to your mood! It is for this reason most religions include fragrances in their rituals. However, it is just not limited to rituals, incense these days finds applications in stress relief therapies and more.

Lighting an incense stick when you are about to freshen up in the morning and one before you retire to bed at night can elevate your senses. With just a few uses, one can observe the difference an incense stick or a few jar candles make to your mood.

Start by choosing a scent you like or a fragrance that suits the kind of situation you go through. That said, here are a few lines to help you.

Rejuvenate at home with the fragrance of floral agarbatti

Netflix, wine, and time in the tub- a popular idea for relaxation among a growing number of people today, and yet we know that little does it do to help us relax, keeping us glued in the tub with our eyes on the screen.

Instead, why not have a quieter and more peaceful bath by burning a few incense sticks that really help you relax and unwind?

Here are a few steps how!

Need a good night’s sleep or a calm summer evening?

  • Make sure that you have some lavender or sandalwood incense sticks as they help you relax better and create an atmosphere of peace.
  • The current weather can leave us snapping at our loved ones and finding fault in the slightest of things. The smell of roses and jasmine agarbatti can do the trick, providing some romance in the air so you can be more loving.
  • Play some soft music in the background if you have to. And before you know it, you can come out more relaxed and refreshed to enjoy the summer evening.

A lazy afternoon by the window? 

  • Curl up with a book and coffee and light a Satya incense stick in the background.

Want to energize your workplace?

Have a lot of employees dozing off in your office? Then why not energize the place by burning a few incense sticks?

This way, you can get employees to concentrate and even stir some creative ideas at work too!

Try burning incense sticks like lemon and peppermint as they help to increase concentration and get those minds working.

And if you have a lot of employees sitting and gossiping at work, then try burning some rosemary incense as this is known for getting rid of unproductive thoughts and keeping the mind focused instead.

After all, no one wants to work on a hot summer day?

On more stressful days, try burning some cinnamon incense. It can help reduce some of the anxiety and let your employees maintain a steady pace of work instead.

Quality incense products like Satya Nag Champa agarbatti and wax candles guarantee great outcomes!

So, be it for home or work, one brand of incense that we would like to recommend to you is Satya. Here you can find incense products in different categories to suit your needs. All products are natural, handmade, safe, and guaranteed high-quality. Buy satya incense online and relieve your everyday stress today!

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